Meet the Crew

Our Captain

Pancho was born in Puerto Vallarta, raised near the ocean and was captain of the Kon Tiki catamaran for over 25 years. He is an avid fisherman and will make a fabulous fresh ceviche for you when he lands a catch. He is always happy to lend a helping hand and give you info about the Bay of Banderas and sailing.

Our Other Captain

Noah is Pancho’s son, also born in Puerto Vallarta. He is fully bilingual and has worked on boats with his dad from a very early age. Following in his father’s foot-steps, and his love for being on the water, he set out to get his Captain’s License. Noah loves sharing his wealth of knowledge of marine biology, snorkeling, scuba diving and especially his love for surfing!

Other Captains

Pancho and Cristian

Our First Mates & Tour Guides

Bouy, Sergio, Ponchito, Armando, Victor & Edwin

Our First mates Love their job, are Super friendly, lots of fun AND Always with Big Smiles and a little shuffle ( they got the moves ) They are the best in the bay and we are SO Lucky & thrilled they are part of our crew !!!
Also, they Love to share Their wealth of Knowledge with you..
Feel free to ask them about the whales — Dolphin’s – Sea turtles — Manta rays fish that grace our beautiful Bay ~~


Sergio & Moy

Serving an arrangement of refreshing drinks for adults, smoothies for the kids.
Always at your service with a smile.

Our Chefs

Chovo Chovo & Jorge
Our Chef’s start’s everyday bright and early with hand-selected local ingredients getting breakfast ready and creating your snacks & Lunch, All FRESH & SOOOO Tasty.
Make sure you try their mean Guacamole and Salsa ( Yummy ) as well as everything that come out of their kitchen.

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